And the Blues Goes On!

Welcome to the 32nd annual Rauma Blues Festival 11-12 August 2017.

Rauma Blues Festival is renowned for its unique, relaxed feeling and we continue to bring you the best in blues featuring world-class celebrities and award-winning performers.

The main concert is again held in an intimate festival tent in the heart of the beautiful city of Rauma.

So far confirmed for Rauma Blues 2017 line-up are Earl Thomas (USA), Shakura S'Aida (Canada) and Travellin' Brothers (Spain).

Stay tuned for the final line-up and latest news!


While waiting for the happening, you can follow Rauma Blues also in social media, where photos, videos, memories, feelings and also info regarding the future will be updated. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Some updates will be in English and most of the updates speak the universal language of blues, so don't mind the Finnish.

News in Finnish

Bluesrockin kitaralegenda ERIC GALES pääesiintyjäksi Rauma Bluesiin – tapahtumassa myös kotimaisten huippumuusikoiden erikoiskokoonpano

Tiedote lehdistölle 19.4.2017


Lipunmyynti on alkanut

Rauma Blues lippuja jo saatavana


Tiedote lehdistölle 26.1.2017

Rauma Bluesin ensimmäiset esiintyjät julki


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